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Hello all! Just a little introduction to m'self.. My husband and I (We just got married February 14th, going strong for now! haha) own two beagles. My name is actually a shortened version of their names together.. Monty and Peanut.

We got Monty from my husband's friend's brother as just a little puppy at 2 1/2 months old and when we moved back home from out of state we received Peanut at about 6 months old. Peanut is Monty's brother, but the little runt of the litter. Our friend's brother kept him and had a few other dogs that didn't enjoy the new puppy, Peanut barely ever got food and it was a struggle to train him with the other dogs around, so we took him in.. mainly since my husband and I worked so it was nice for Monty to have a play mate.

Though I've heard alot that people think Beagles are outside dogs only, it's not entirely true for my beagles. They are actually very clean, gentle, kind and loving dogs and very good pets to be honest. They sleep with us and our house does not smell at all, and they're very obedient, so I guess we did a good job at raising them.

I won't ramble on any longer, but I did grow up with dogs, my first dog was a Boston Terrier named Sapphire, she is still alive and at least 10 years old, I had to leave her behind to go to College and my mom took care of her. I still see her every now and then and sometimes wish I could take her home with me but my beagles love to bug her constantly, so it's not possible, plus she would miss my mother and my mother her.

So yeah, oh, my name is Heather and my husband's name is Micah. :) Nice to meet everyone!
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