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Howdy ya’ll let me introduce myself and the puppies! My name Lj and I have been married to my hubby Mark for nine years and we have six dogs. I currently teach preK in Dallas, TX. I just earned my Ed.D. And would like to teach college someday! I have always loved dogs but grew up with just my mom in rentals that didn’t allow dogs. I finally screwed up my courage and at 22 adopted my first dog with the breed I adore, Chihuahuas! All our dogs are girls.

Mija: She is now 11 yrs and I adopted her three months before hubby and I married. I told him Mija was part of our marriage deal. I adopted her at two yrs from a shelter. She is a Chihuahua.

Misty: She is 7 and a Japanese Chin and Peke mix. We bought her from my stepdaughter’s ex-husbands mom. The ex’s mom was keeping them in the backyard. Misty was 11 moths when we adopted her.

London is a Golden Retriever who is 13 yrs old. She was adopted from a TX Golden Retriever rescue at 8.

Sango: She is a 5 yr old Japanese Chin sable and white. She was either a breeder or backyard breeder dump. We rescued her from the humane society of nort Texas.

Tami: She is a 6 yr old black and white Japanese Chin adopted from the same place we adopted Sango. Tami was a breeder dump and had teeth full of milk so she’d just weaned a litter.

Abby: Latest addition to the muttley crew. She is an 8 yrs old St. Bernard. Rescued through a TX St. Bernard rescue group.:photo::dance:
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