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Hello everyone, i found this site by browsing and i am glad to know that there is a site out there for dog lovers!

My names Corella, Im from a little hodunk town in Ohio and i have been a groomer for a little over 4 years. I work at Plush Pups Pet Grooming. I love every minute of it and i don't think i would ever give it up for anything. I have loved animals since i was little and i have devoted my life to doing whatever possible to help animals. I have volunteered at the local animal shlelter for the past 8 years (since i was in 7th grade) and i love what they do for animals. As a groomer we work with that animals shelter and everyone who tries to save an animals life and we groom the dogs and cats at the animal shelter for free.

The hardest part of the job is seeing the look in their eyes while they are this big ball of knots and dirt, but the look in their eyes afterwards! that just makes the job worth wild.

I have always said that i love animals no matter if the bite, scratch, bark of poop.

I am also recently married to the man of my dreams, Adam, we were married on Sept 20th 2008. we have been together for about 5 years now. He works with me at the grooming business washing dogs, but he is trying to get a job as a teacher for Mentally handicapped children.

I am a big Gamer and i even have a Master Chief tattoo (from the game Halo for all of you who dont know..lol) I also have a Nibbler tattoo from the TV show Futurama, he is the cutest little pet...lol
I am into body modification and i am getting another tattoo next month, i also have my ear stretched to 00gauge and my tongue stretched to a 6gauge.
I am also weird enouugh to add that i love Horror movies more then any other genre, but i am more interested in the underground films and the gorier the better. I go to Cinema Wasteland twice a year, which is in Cleveland Ohio...

I also must ad that i have 2 dogs, a Rotty named Shadow, and a Long-haired chihuahua named Baby. I also have a tabby cat named Zappy, and a rabbit named Hopper.
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