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I'm always looking for new dog forums to join and just found this one. My household consists of (ahem) MATURE me, my 15 YO son, 5 dogs and 9 cats. The cats are indoor/outdoor and I've never seen a mouse or rat around my property--LOL!

My dogs are: Suni - 6 YO F Shih Tzu, Zippy -- 4 YO M Shih Tzu, Bella -- 1+ YO F Shih Tzu, Bogie -- my son's 1+ YO Texas Heeler (Aussie/ACD cross), and our newest addition: Remi -- 18 week old Toy Poodle M.

Suni and Zippy I got as puppies. Bogie is my son's 'camping dog'. We go RV'ing a lot and Bogie goes with us to hike the trails, swim in the lakes/rivers, etc. He weighs about 40# and LOVES to run!!

Bella I adopted from a friend of a friend -- I didn't intend to get ANOTHER dog!! The original owner had an autistic adult daughter that lived with her. She got Bella as a puppy when her former old dog died, thinking the daughter would like a small, furry puppy. The daughter didn't ever adjust to Bella, to the point she wouldn't even come out of her room to eat and regressed in all her household 'manners'. Reluctantly the owner decided after a year that the daughter was NEVER going to adjust and she just needed to rehome Bella. She was not in a hurry and some weeks after she made the decision and started looking for an acceptable home, her friend told my friend and the rest is history as they say!! Bella is a DREAM -- housebroken, crate trained, perfect house manners, etc. Although she is HELL on Kleenex, toilet paper, and napkins!! I call her my 'good' dog as she doesn't have a mean bone in her body!

Remi was my Christmas present to myself. He will be on the small side of toy poodles and he is a parti. I LOVE dressing him up and taking pictures of him. He is just SO CUTE and really different from the Tzu's.

So that's my background. I've had Tzu's all my adult life -- got my first one in college in '75 and I've had at least one ever since. Happy to meet y'all!
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