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Well since this is an introduction thread, here goes nothing!
My name is Phoenix (no not really, but until I get to know you, my name is my secret.)
As my username states, I take in rescues. Normally I get them fixed up and find great homes for them. I even get pictures of how the fur-babies are doing from time to time.
Right now I am the proud owner of two GSD's, male and female, one male ferret, and three adorable kitties, two boys and a fluffy girl. As this site is for dogs, as far as I've seen, my two dogs are Cagney, traditional colors, female, 3 years old, and Tier, black with some white, about 1 1/2 years old. Both of them are rescues, Cag from a puppy mill where the man didn't want her because of her adorable flop ear, and Tier from an abusive and neglectful home that didn't want him any longer.
Cagney is terrified of men, unless she has been around them long enough, like my fiancee. She's a barker, and kinda chubby.
Tier is my fiancee's big boy, but is still very skittish and afraid. Any loud noises and he runs and hides. He also likes to scarf down his food (I suppose because he doesn't realize he will never go without again) so I have to feed him slowly. He is the protector, silent and stalking, very wolf-like. He also loves to howl at ambulances that have their sirens on.
I've only had Tier about 2 months so before I could get him or my female fixed, they ended up tying. Now yes, I know that was not responsible. But I already have homes for at least 4 pups. Good homes. And yes I will be getting Cagney spayed after the pups are rehomed. My fiancee doesn't want to neuter Tier because he's worried it will cut down on his protectiveness, but I am slowly working at him to agree to get Tier fixed.
I guess that about sums it up... Thanks for reading my stuff :)
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