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Hi Everone,
My beautiful fiance and I have three amazing dogs Tripp, Aspen, and Rico. They are a ton of fun and love to play. They are spoiled rotten and very loved.

Tripp is an 11 month old Japanese Chin male with a black and white coat. He's by far the most intelligent of the three and very obedient. He loves to play hide and seek, chase, and fetch. He's a runner and really loves to play keep away with the other dogs. He responds to verbal commands and his list of tricks include sit, stay, lay down, shake (with either left or right paw), bear hugs, high fives, and ninja which is where he jumps up and slaps your hand with his paw. He's also a great cuddle buddy.

Aspen is a 4 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever female with a thick wavy brown coat. She is also intelligent, sometimes, and loves big hugs. She eats everything in sight and currently weighs around 55lbs. Like most Chessies she loves the water and she gets to go to the lake at least 3 times a week for a swim. She's pretty good for the most part and doesn't chew up everything. Her claim to fame is that she potty trained herself about three days after getting her. She has a very sweet personality and thinks shes a lap dog.

Rico is a 4 year old Chi-Winnie male with a brindle coat. He is also intelligent with a very calm and sweet demeanor. He loves his toys and carries one of them almost all of the time. He is a true lap dog and will cuddle for hours on end. He has a huge over-bite and can be typically found laying around with his tongue sticking out of his mouth about an inch. He also has a love affair with bugs and the laser light.
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