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How to train my dog to walk on a harness?

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I just bought my new rescue dog a harness, she doesn't regularly pull but when she see's another animal she hits the end of her leash and it always makes me wince. I didn't get the harness to stop her occasional pulling, but because she is a smaller dog and I don't want to damage her neck when the accidental tug does happen.

When I put the harness on her today, she didn't mind at all and wasn't scared of it but she didn't want to move! The harness fits correctly, and does not rub under her legs. She just had it on in the house, with no lead, and only with lots of encouaragement she cam towards me.

Any tips to help make her feel more comfortable?
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Generally i think dogs can be realize quickly that harness and walks which can be around the encouragement that can be excited that perhaps to fun some thing new. These is looking really very interesting which can be something to fun.
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