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Honestly, most dogs do NOT want to greet other dogs or people outside on leash. We CREATE fear reactivity by encouraging or allowing this. Get between your dog and other dogs and DO NOT allow greeting. If someone wants to pet your dog the answer is NO. They want a dog to pet they can go get their own dog.

Socializing is NOT allowing every person touch your dog or other dogs to meet your dog. Socialization is such a bad term.. it really should be called "environmentalization" or something.. What Socialization REALLY does is get your dog out and around in various environments so the dog learns those environmental things are just things and to not worry.

Every time you let a stranger come and pet your dog they bend over the dog (which dogs find threatening) and pet the dog.. and usually the dog is out in front of you.. you are inviting your dog to become defensive which is the basis for reactivity. You ever see puppies, ears back, paws frantically up on a person's leg tail wagging furiously but held a bit down? That puppy is APPEASING the person.. and is really quite afraid and is doing all it can to say, "Don't hurt me please don't hurt me..." WHY would you put a baby dog in that situation? Same with a baby puppy and an adult dog.. a LOT of appeasing behavior by the puppy.

Take a step back and advocate for your dog. Do not let strangers touch your dog and do not allow other dogs to come up to your dog. If someone comes to visit that the dog does not regularly see, put the dog up. Your dog does not NEED to engage with all the guests and strangers who come to your house.

Let me put this a bit differently. You have a little dog and people are large and unfamiliar people are both large and a bit scary. Why would you scare your dog?
In my case I have very large dogs and a breed that scares some people. If one of my dogs were to lay a tooth on a person even in play I would have a dead dog. People come to my house? I put the dogs up.. and these dog are highly trained. If I put my dog is a Platz, he/she will stay in a platz. The problem is if someone visits and I say "ignore the dogs and do not touch them" about 80% of those people won't listen and will go over and bend over and touch that dog.. or stare at the dog and say stupid cutsey things to the dog.. both of which the dog may view as aggressive actions.. I take no chances and EVERYONE is happier and my DOGS are safer if I just put them up.
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