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When your dog is sick, they’ll usually act in a way that is totally different than normal. It’s important that you recognize any change in your dog’s behavior.

How can you do this? By knowing how your dog behaves when he is healthy.

When you spend a lot of time playing and socializing with your dog, it’s easy to see any abnormal behaviors.

The normal temperature for a dog is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Check your dog’s gums. A healthy dog will have pink gums that, when pressed, will have a fast capillary refill rate.

Their heartbeat should beat between 80 to 120 times per minute. Their breathing should be between 15-20 breaths per minute. Also, their coat should be shiny and their eyes clear and alert.

Pay attention to your dog’s bowel movements or urination habits. Anything out of the ordinary should alert you to a potential problem with their digestive system.

Your pet may be sick if there is an unusual odor emanating from their mouth, ears or nose. Look for any unusual breathing patterns, vomiting or gagging as well.

Another sign of sickness could be discharge from the nose or redness around the eyes. Bring your dog to a vet if you notice any signs of fluids emanating from the ears or nose.

Pay close attention to your pet’s behavior. A sick dog will act sick.

A lack of energy or increase in anxiety are sure signs of sickness. Write down all the symptoms your dog may be having, how they occurred and when so you’ll have a record to bring to the vet so he can more accurately determine the diagnosis.
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