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How to stop two dogs from growling and fighting

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I have three dogs. A two year old German Shepherd, a two year old Golden Retriever, and a six year old mix(beagle and some kind of herding dog).
The German Shepherd is great. Off Golden is now growling and occasionally fighting with the mix. The mix likes to try to herd the Golden when they go outside. The golden doesn't get mad at that time, but in the house he will growl when the mix comes by. They will both growl at each other and then sometimes fight. I'm at a loss. I can't believe my golden has that in him. The mix is my son's dog and he can not taken him where he is living, so we have him. He gets along great with the Shepherd. They got into it once and the Shepherd put him in his place. They are buddies now. The Golden and they mix just can't work it out. What do I do??
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Do you play indoor with both of them? And do they always act like that? I mean, if everything was fine and they've just started attacking each other I hope it's not a sign of a disease. I always check my dog's behavior and if I see any changes I browse forums like this one to be sure if it's not something bad. Recently my dog was licking her paw all day long and I thought she's got a splinter, but couldn't find it. I googled the information and turned out that the reason why dogs are licking their paws may be a shampoo allergy. So we changed it and luckily everything is fine now.
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