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How to stop two dogs from growling and fighting

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I have three dogs. A two year old German Shepherd, a two year old Golden Retriever, and a six year old mix(beagle and some kind of herding dog).
The German Shepherd is great. Off Golden is now growling and occasionally fighting with the mix. The mix likes to try to herd the Golden when they go outside. The golden doesn't get mad at that time, but in the house he will growl when the mix comes by. They will both growl at each other and then sometimes fight. I'm at a loss. I can't believe my golden has that in him. The mix is my son's dog and he can not taken him where he is living, so we have him. He gets along great with the Shepherd. They got into it once and the Shepherd put him in his place. They are buddies now. The Golden and they mix just can't work it out. What do I do??
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To OP I have a Golden Retriever and Dachshund/beagle mix. Both of mine are males and are still intact. I have dealt with and occasionally still have to deal with growling and fighting. My Golden is almost 2 and my mix is about 9 or 10. Their aggression happens during feeding time and when outside. My Golden boy tends to be food aggression because when he was a pup my mix would attack him and not let him eat his food. So now that he is maturing and going through adolescence he will growl and become aggressive if the other dog approaches while he is eating. If I am not watching sometimes there is fight, nothing major, sometimes the skin is a little broken. As soon as the fight is broken up they are both immediately crated for bad behavior and food bowls are put up to feed them later. The Golden is crated for the food aggression and the mix is crated for trying to aggressively take the other dogs food. With the outdoor situation my mix thinks he owns all of the 6 acres, my Golden not being a dominant dog doesn't care. But of course all dogs mark their territory and my mix doesn't like when the Golden marks his territory. Becomes very aggressive and will chase and bite my Golden to the point of him having to fight back to defend himself. At this point the mix is crated for aggressive behavior, the Golden is not because he did not provoke or act aggressively unless needed to defend himself. Since I have started punishing them with a time out in the crate I haven't hardly had an aggression or fights. Now occasionally I will but that is expected because they are both still intact males and same sex aggression is expected.
Has this your mixed dog just been recently added to the family?
Have the dogs been properly introduced to one another?
What is the stimulus for the dogs fighting and or showing aggression? With my dogs its food and territorial aggression. If you can find the stimulus and start separating the dogs at the time of the stimulus then you might find the problem decrease or go away all together.
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I have to agree with @3GSD4IPO . I would make sure that you separate the dogs, especially indoors since that seems to be the trigger point.
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