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How to stop barking

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I don't mind the occasional bark but my crew has got to the habit of barking at everyone that walks by (and whenever anyone comes to the door).

First of all, I have a chi - who is the main barker. But now, the other two have become more comfortable that they are joining in. I know I'll have to to teach them one at a time but I would love suggestions.

Thanks :)
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They are alert barking, warning you of a possible intruder. That's what good pack members do and they're doing a good job. The pack leader is the one who is supposed to investigate the problem, intercept the intruder and then either invite the intruder in or run him off. That's your job as the pack leader and you can't leave it up to the dogs to make those decisions.
You have to go out there....step out front...show them you're taking over. Then, you thank them for doing their jobs and now their job is done....ask for quiet or enough, whatever your command is. Here's the crucial step....if they were alert barking at something that is common or normal (ie; didn't need an alert)....YAWN...yes, yawn and walk away. Dogs know that body language...boring/nothing to be concerned about. You just gave them their 1st lesson on what NOT to bark at but, it will take more lessons to reinforce it. That's the hard part. You have to go out there everytime it happens but, they will learn and the barking should diminish greatly or stop althogether over time.
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