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If you are talking about a specific dog, I have no suggestions. I had a 16yo dog that developed cancers in spite of following the conventional wisdom for avoiding cancer.

For general solutions, stick with breeders that try to breed for reduced cancer tendencies. This might help for some specific lines, but Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, and other breeds seem to have a tendency to develop cancer. And to confuse the issue ... it may be due to breeding that did not try to reduce cancer.

Rottweilers are very old breeds, but they may have been bred for a certain look, rather than for improved health. Golden Retrievers were developed in the late 1800s to be robust family-oriented hunting dogs. Even 50 years ago, the lifespan for a Golden could be 17 years. I think that breeding for looks has resulted in degraded vigor and lifespan, b/c the average lifespan of a Golden is now closer to 12 years old, and a frequent cause of death is cancer.

Perhaps if breeders started working on lines with a long healthy life with reduced incidences of cancer ... it might help achieve your goal.
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