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how to read dogs body language

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I don't know where to put this but anyway was wondering is there a website or books to learn how to read a dogs body language
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2 great books on the subject:

Canaine Body Language - A photographic Guide by Brenda Aloff

On Talking Terms With Dogs - Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas
Those would be my recommendations as well. On the Calming Signals book, I'd also recommend the video. It's so helpful to see these things in motion. The only thing I didn't like on the video was one place that was supposed to be a look away, but was clearly cued.
No I just what to learn how to read dogs so I can better communicate with my dogs and other dogs im a big fan of the dog whisper big believer in what he does
If Cesar Millan read dogs better (and listened to what they were saying) he'd get bitten a whole lot less.
Sometimes I'll just go to the dog park (without a dog) and watch dogs.
7. A dog that has his elbows on the ground and butt in the air is doing a playbow. If the forelegs are spread apart, he is probably ready to play. If the forelegs are straight, he may want to play, or may be saying that he is not a threat.

There are about 30 'subtle' behaviors called Calming Signals. And, I believe there are fewer than 100 other behaviors.
Usually. I did have a dog relative (wolf named Erin) "bow" at me, and it was definitely testing, not play.
Ugh yes. Someone had been telling me that CM had started to change his ways so I thought I'd watch an episode to see if there was any truth to that statement.

CM was leaning over a dog in a crate and kicking at the crate to try to show the dog how dominant he was over it. When he opened the crate door the dog held up his paw, licked his lips and turned his head away. To me he was clearly saying please don't hurt me crazy psycho man. What did CM think the dog was saying with his body language? "I'm going to hunt you!"
Oh, my. That is downright scary.
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