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Did you know September is National Food Safety Education Month?

The world we and our pets live in is a toxic one, as we are continuously assaulted by toxins in our air, water, and even our foods. In striving to maintain a state of optimal health, it’s crucial that efforts are made to minimize exposure to toxins in day-to-day life.
As our pets develop, mature, and experience tissue degeneration at a faster pace than humans, there’s concern for the body’s ability to continuously clear toxins through the kidneys, liver, digestive tract, and other organ systems. Additionally, as the immune system weakens with age it’s less resistant to the damage caused by toxins and other bodily stressors (illness, trauma, etc.).
One of the simplest and seemingly most obvious ways we can protect our pets from suffering from toxic exposures is to make sure the food and treats they eat every day are as toxin-free as possible.
Owners in the United States and other countries have an unsettling level of confidence in their perceptions of pet food and treats being completely safe for our canine and feline companions. Just because the label on the bag of dry food (kibble) shows images of fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables doesn’t mean the food actually contains such ingredients in their natural form or at all.
Many pets suffer toxic exposures from their food and treats. Some get very sick while others die as a result of consuming food-based toxins.

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