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How to prevent a dog from doing ____?

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I have a new puppy and I can't get him to stop chewing my stuff up. The only exception to normal training is he is doing it when I am not around. The same goes for trash digging. He has food and gets walked and played with. He just chewed up a pair of shoes I have had for 4+ years and I don't know what to do. I can't punish him because he won't know what I am punishing him for. Dog experts help me please. I know associating a barrier around things he should stay away from is what I should do but the trash can is in the kitchen on the way to his dog door.
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Your dog is a PUPPY. Learning to stay out of stuff takes time, and in the mean time, you have GOT to prevent him from having access to stuff you don't want chewed. This means a crate, an exercise pen, or doing a REALLY good job of puppy-proofing your house and removing everything you don't want chewed from his reach, and correcting him (verbally) as soon as he STARTS to pick up or get into something you don't want him to mess with.

In the mean time? Get a crate.
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