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how to manage two active pups: one older, one younger.

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I have an 8 year old Australian Cattle dog mix. I recently rescued a 10mo Australian shepherd, which I've had for two weeks.

My blue heeler seems jealous when I'm training the Aussie because he is parked outside my door or window; watching the training session. When I put the Aussie in her crate to train the Heeler, she begins whining.

Also, the Aussie keeps taking the Heeler's toys and chews. The Heeler so far tolerates it, but I have a feeling he'll start showing teeth if she keeps this up.

I currently have the Aussie tethered with a 6ft leash on at all times when we're in the house to slowly introduce more freedom as she learns our trust (book my previous dog trainer suggested, Ruff love).

How do you all handle training multiple dogs and to avoid squabbles from toys and food?

Ps. I had a 6 year Tora Inu when I got my Heeler at 4 months. The Heeler learned quickly to respect the Tora's stuff and they never had issues. It's been three years sin

Thanks!ce the Tora passed.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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