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Train a Down command without distraction. You must be consistent. Teach them separately. The down is to be held until younrekease the dog, you give another command or the dog dies.

Down is down. It is not down/stay. If the dog is down, the dog is staying.

Build duration. If you have not worked duration you start with a couple of seconds and build duration. At first you may need to be next to the dog. Eventually you take a step away and go right back. Eventually two steps, hesitate then go back. At this point you rekease the dog after you go back. Eventually as the dog gets better at holding the down you go back and keavevagain.
Reward duration by going back to the dog and saying "good down" and giving a bit of good food. If the dog gets up before being released I mark it with "no" and simply take him back to exactly where he was and down him.

As the down becomes more solid you add distraction. Stand next to the dog and. reinforce the down.

Train each dog separately. This will take time and effort. Eventually, after both dogs are good separately do the down with both dogs in a no distraction environment. Handle each dog separately.

Next release each dog separately. Dog A and Dog B are in a down. While next to dog A, release dog B. Dog A must stay in a down. Put Dog B back in a down. Stand next to dog B and release dog A ensuring dog B stays in a down. Eventually you should be able to release dogs separately without being next to them. This teaches impulse control.

Meanwhile, the mail is usually delivered at the same time each day. With COVID 19 we aren't getting visitors. Put the dogs in crates away from the door before the mail comes and let them out after the mailman has left. The longer the dogs are allowed to self reward with this behavior the harder it will be to change.

When you have a good down on each dog, take one dog out. Leave the other dog crated. Wait for the mailman. You need to see him before the dog. Put the dog in a down. Enforce the down until the mail man leaves... rinse and repeat the next day with the other dog.

Eventually you should be able to down both dogs and have them stay in a down until released no matter who comes to the door.

FWIW I put my dogs up when company comes. No need for them to interact with company. That said I can put them both in a down and have them hold it when someone comes to my door. I can interrupt their barking and have them down and be silent and hold their down. You can too. I am not a magic trainer with exceptional dogs. I am cosistent.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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