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How to introduce your dog to small animals?

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Hey everyone!

I just adopted a 19ibs border collie cattle dog mix (estimate from the shelter) named Kiko. She's almost two, and she's very very sweet and inteliigent.
I have a small greek tortoise named Rocket, and I wanted to see if anyone had good feed back for how to introduce the two? Rocket has met many large labs and horses, but I don't know Kiko's personality so I don't want to put Rocket in any danger.

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Thanks for your reply! Rocket is a little larger than my hand. He has an open enclosure in my house, so Kiko has access to it. I want to make sure she isn't aggresive or frightened towards him. I've kept Rocket in a closed off room for the day, so she's had full access to sniffing his cage.
I just introduced him to her when she was very relaxed and getting a belly rub from my dad, she got very excited and loud. I think we're going to try distracting her by asking for a settle with treats while we bring him closer. I'll let you know how it goes!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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