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How to introduce your dog to small animals?

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Hey everyone!

I just adopted a 19ibs border collie cattle dog mix (estimate from the shelter) named Kiko. She's almost two, and she's very very sweet and inteliigent.
I have a small greek tortoise named Rocket, and I wanted to see if anyone had good feed back for how to introduce the two? Rocket has met many large labs and horses, but I don't know Kiko's personality so I don't want to put Rocket in any danger.

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Most dogs won't go into full prey drive with a slow moving animal, so you should have some control. If you have a bite sized baby, you need to be careful, but if the tortoise is bigger than hand sized, so the dog can't pick it up, so can slowly introduce her. She may sniff it or ignore it. Or she may get spooked and bark at it.

1. Give her something with turtle smell on it (?)
2. Let her see it from afar.
3. Let her sniff, while on leash. If she gets spooked or too interested, sit on the ground, holding the tortoise and let her investigate.

Now, that I've written that... Why do you need to socialize the dog with the tortoise ?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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