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How to introduce my 8WK Pupp to my 4 month puppy

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I have a 4 month old Rottweiler mix female at home and I am bringing in a 8 week old male rottweiler puppy in to my home. How do I go about with there introduction? what are the do's and dont's for the next couple of day and what behaviors should I expect?
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Good on you for asking about it ahead of time! The first introduction is important. I found pretty good advice Here. After their original visit, be sure to protect the puppy with a crate in your home. Depending on their reaction to each other, let them smell and see each other so they get used to each other. You really should have no problem since your dog at home is really just a puppy. Be careful about rowdy play sessions, though. THe older pup might get too rambunctious and accidently hurt the little fella. :) Good luck! And pictures, please!

- First introduction. Pick neutral territory, such as a neighbor's yard, or even walking down the block to the corner. Both dogs should be on leashes. If you have more than one dog already at home, introduce them one at a time to the puppy. Start with the most friendly, submissive of your dogs. You can start by having a friend (not a family member) holding the puppy in your arms and letting your adult dog take a good sniff. Then separate, put the puppy down and allow the dogs to approach one another at their own speed. Stay relaxed! The dogs can sense if you are tense. Verbal encouragement, such as "good dogs!" reinforce any good behavior. If there is any agression on either side, you will have to take a break and try again. If the agression continues, try this program (click here) and/or consult a behaviorist or trainer. If all goes well, allow the dogs to spend five or ten minutes together and then proceed to the next step.
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