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How to get your dog to drink more water

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how to get my 1 yr schnoodle to drink more water

tips?, ideas ?
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I need my dog to drink at trials (especially in summer). I will do one of two things:

1.) I will purchase K9 Power that is very palatable and mixes with water and has electrolytes in it (Go Dog™). This helps my dog retain a necessary energy level during training and competition on hot days and give the dog an energy boost.

2.) I will put water in the bowl and a few pieces of very desirable food in the bottom of the bowl (I use Fresh Pet cat food for tracking so I can use that are pieces of those premade frozen meatballs which I also sometimes use for tracking). This is in about two cups of water for a 73 pound dog (too much water they won't drink the water to get to the food).

Of course, more water intake equals more water output so you need to get the dog out about a half hour to 45 minutes after consuming either K9 Power OR the water with a little food in the bottom of the bowl.

The bigger question is why do you think your dog needs to drink more water?
Depends.. why do you think your pup needs more water? When we first got our first pup I used to be worried that she drank what seemed like very little water, but she drank when she wanted and never had any issues. I'd suggest you just make fresh water always available, in the same spot, so your dog can drink anytime she wants. If you are really concerned, if she doesn't drink at all, see your vet. She might have a health issue..
Other than this, you could try putting a flavored powder or a few treats in the water, as was suggested already.
Best of luck!
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You could soak your schnoodle's kibble with water and feed moistened. That would increase your dog's general water intake.

You could try labeling the act of drinking water and rewarding that eg: "Good boy take a drink".

My dog often takes a drink when I've just changed the bowl water. Fresh water=he wants it more. Try changing the water more often so your dog sees it?
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