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How to get tartar off

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We just adopted a dog and she has tartar build up already. She is young....and I have no idea what her diet was with previous owners. If I give her the dental chews or bones, will that get it off? It isn't really on her back teeth...more on the canines. What else would work short of a vet cleaning?

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I prefer a dental spray like this one: http://www.petzlife.com

and raw meaty bones.

DITTO! Only I get the gel rather than the spray (the Tzu freaks with the spray!).

Scraping the stuff off can be a bit freakish the first time, it is really hard (like rock) and you would swear that you are chipping the enamel off the tooth. But after a bit of scraping / picking, you will see that it is just the rock-hard plaque your are getting off.
Try using PetzLife gel, you will be amazed! When I checked out their website, I was pretty skeptical, but, tried it anyway. It's nice to get a product that does exactly what they claim it does.
I also would like more info about the Petzlife products.

I think their website pretty much covers it!

Argh, I'd actually try to product if they weren't so set on using scare tactics like that.
Bottom line, putting a dog or cat under antesthesia IS risky, and if you don't HAVE to do it to clean their teeth because there's a safe product that actually works to remove plaque and tartar and stains, then THAT's a better choice than putting them under anesthesia. Whether or not people exagerated in their testimonials is a moot point. The gel works, I know it does because I use it on my dogs and myself! Two of my dogs are nearly 8 yrs. old, have NEVER had their teeth cleaned by the vet, yet have beautiful white teeth and healthy gums.
What about people reading the website who have animals that need to be speutered? Are they going to be scared away from the surgery? In fact the one letter does talk about an animal going in for a neuter and dying under anesthesia.
Oh please, get real.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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