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How to get tartar off

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We just adopted a dog and she has tartar build up already. She is young....and I have no idea what her diet was with previous owners. If I give her the dental chews or bones, will that get it off? It isn't really on her back teeth...more on the canines. What else would work short of a vet cleaning?

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Our dogs get a bit of plaque build up on the canines. I just purchased a dental scaler, the kind they use in a human dental office, but you can get them at some pet stores and online.

Scraping the stuff off can be a bit freakish the first time, it is really hard (like rock) and you would swear that you are chipping the enamel off the tooth. But after a bit of scraping / picking, you will see that it is just the rock-hard plaque your are getting off.

Since scaling the teeth leaves microscopic ridges that tend to collect yet again more plaque you need to do a good tooth brushing. I like to do it with a cheap battery operated rotary movement brush and always only doggy toothpaste. The toothpaste has an abrasive component so it will help smooth out those little ridges.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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