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How to get tartar off

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We just adopted a dog and she has tartar build up already. She is young....and I have no idea what her diet was with previous owners. If I give her the dental chews or bones, will that get it off? It isn't really on her back teeth...more on the canines. What else would work short of a vet cleaning?

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So this PetzLife stuff actually works? The ingredient list looks solid but I can't believe the scare tactics they have up about putting a pet under anesthesia. That alone is making me not want to give the company my money.

I'll never argue that it isn't risky but some of what's on that site is ridiculous hyperbole. Because they have pictures of pet's without monitoring equipment that's what all vets do? At the practice I work at all pets under anesthesia are on ecg, heartrate, blood oxygen, respiration rate, blood pressure, and temperature monitoring constantly. Plus the one letter they have on their site insinuates that propoflo is a dangerous drug because the woman who wrote the letter had never heard of it before. Propoflo is what is used to induce humans and is extremely safe. Plus they highlight that her cat MUST have died under anesthesia because of an overdose. That's hardly true and unfortunately cats in particular can have hidden heart problems that cause issue with anesthesia. There's nothing I read in that letter that made me think the vets did anything negligent.

Argh, I'd actually try to product if they weren't so set on using scare tactics like that.
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Bottom line, putting a dog or cat under antesthesia IS risky, and if you don't HAVE to do it to clean their teeth because there's a safe product that actually works to remove plaque and tartar and stains, then THAT's a better choice than putting them under anesthesia. Whether or not people exagerated in their testimonials is a moot point. The gel works, I know it does because I use it on my dogs and myself! Two of my dogs are nearly 8 yrs. old, have NEVER had their teeth cleaned by the vet, yet have beautiful white teeth and healthy gums.
Like I said I will never ever argue that anesthesia does not have risks. On the other hand I do not feel that I can support a company that uses such scare tactics. What about the poor people who read the website who have older pet's with health issues that need to go under anesthesia? Even if there product works as well as they say it does (and from what people have said it seems it does) the product can't heal a broken tooth or one that is already abcessed.

Now those poor people are going to be even more worried than is necessary. Maybe they will put off a needed procedure causing their pet more pain because the website seems to insinuate that anesthesia isn't just risky but outright deadly to many animals. I'm sorry but if proper steps are taken (pre-op blood work, proper monitoring, possibly a pre-op cardiac ultrasound for older pets) then the risks are lessened.

What about people reading the website who have animals that need to be speutered? Are they going to be scared away from the surgery? In fact the one letter does talk about an animal going in for a neuter and dying under anesthesia.

If they had a page that discussed the risks of anesthesia without getting hysterical I'd try the product. A balanced page that presented the risks (and of course there are risks) but also talked about ways to minimize them (pre-op blood work, etc...) I'd support the company. As it stands I work darn hard for my money every week by making sure animals are safe under anesthesia and assisting in surgery and I'm not using my money to support a company that has a page that causes needless anguish for pet owners.

A good raw bone to chew once a week or a raw diet also seems to work very well for keeping teeth clean. Since that is an alternative it is the one that I will use for my pets. If they ever decide to stop the hysterical screaming about anesthesia then I'd be happy to try the product and support the company. No one else has to agree with me but I would feel remiss if I hadn't mentioned why I cannot support this company.
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