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how to get my puppy to go on the same we pads

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no success yet I'm trying to train my 7 month old puppy chihuahua to go on the paper pads in the house but he deicides to go behind the recliner chare to poop and the pads he does make it and pees and we give a treat? how can I get him to go on the same pads both pee and poop?
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Put your dog in a dog run. Your dog is a baby and if it isn't potty trained, it should not be allowed loose in your house.

When he does use the bathroom on the pads, praise and give a treat.
right now there is snow on the ground ,we give him a treat every time when he pees on the pads, the problem is he wont poop on the same pad , he rather would go behind the same spot in the house
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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