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How to Fix Dog Poop Smell

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Hi All,

Soooo, we have a situation. We live in an apartment complex with very few dogs. Typically, I take Oso out of our courtyard near the street to go potty (#1 and #2). However, sometimes in the middle of the night or early morning when Oso had to go, I let Oso go near the entrance to our apartment and picked it up the bm's in the morning.

Well, apparently, Oso has stinky poop and I can't smell very well. I already knew I couldn't smell very well, but I didn't know that it still smelled near the our apartment entrance.

Our next door neighbor very nicely told me that it smells out there and suggested simple green. I just simple greened the whole area. My husband just said he thinks its other dogs not Oso, HOWEVER it doesn't really matter. I was thinking of putting potpourri under the plants.

Any ideas?
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Maybe you could get the pet loo, or pet pads, for during the night, so his "smell" is contained in your apartment?
Put some lime to mop up the smell or powdered activated charcoal. They're nontoxic for your family and your pets.
What are you feeding him?
Oddly enough diet has a lot to do with poop smell? What brand of food do you have him on? Also, I think you should just walk him at night and bring a baggy along, it might be a slight convenience but it's your dog.... they poop.
IME, food with very high grain content makes for nasty, smelly poops. I'm not opposed to some grain in my dog's food, but it shouldn't be one of the first ingredients.
I know that a lot of the dog owners in my brother's apartment complex let their dogs go by the entrance and it's just disgusting. I hate walking there and it's not like I'm any stranger to pet pee/poop. Even if they pick up the poop (a lot don't), the pee freezes in sheets during the winter and festers in the summer, and it always stinks. Evidently the manager puts out letters all the time reminding people not to let their dogs go there but they still do. Eventually the manager will lose patience and the tenants are going to lose the privilege to have pets (or dogs at least), which would be an awful shame since it's so hard to find an apartment that allows dogs in the first place.

Moral of the story: don't let your dog potty near the building. It's gross. :)
Oh I also wanted to mention, stinky poops or not, always clean up after your dog. Not only does it prevent our water from becoming contaminated, it is just simple courtesy.
I agree with lisasmom.... try to avoid allowing the dog to go anywhere near the entrance. It's common courtesy to the non dog owners out there. Just because we love dogs doesn't mean everyone is going to or has to.
You have to clean up the poop every time as soon as he poops, no matter what time it is. I love dogs more than anything and I don't want dog poop near my windows. I would also look at the food, though, poop shouldn't be that stinky.
What brand of food is Oso eating?
Hi all,

Sorry for the late response. Oso eats Natural Balance, grain free.

I feel really bad about the situation. Honestly, I was being lazy and I didn't expect a problem. I'm not letting him go anywhere near there anymore. And we do pick up his poop, usually immediately. These were special circumstances and now that he's older we aren't having to take him out in the middle of the night much anyways.

Since I can't smell it, it's hard for me to monitor, but I keep asking my husband. I was thinking of ordering some stuff off amazon that is supposed to get the smell out. My husband said the simple green worked, but I don't want the smell to come back.
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