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hi, i have 2 female dogs, Sugar and Coleen. Before, they always fight but after working with them for a month or so, I'm now able to walk them and unleash them together.

However, I've been busy this past few weeks that i don't have much time to walk them (but i still unleash them). And I think the problem occurs again.

Seems like whenever i'm not home, everything is OK. But when I'm there, tendency for them to fight is like 50%. Sugar always starts the fight. She always go near me as if saying 'Hey, he's mine!' to Coleen.

If I find the situation going to trouble, i go to other place but too late. There goes the staredown and then they fight.

As a solution, what I do is leash BOTH of them in one place and wait for them to befriend each other again (lasts for 5-15min)

What can I do? I know I've fault in this coz I haven't walk them alot these days. I wanted to walk them together but so far I have 35% success rate. My second plan is walk them one at a time so when they've released their energy, I can be free to walk them both again. Any ideas?

Thank you!

UPDATE: btw, Sugar is the one I'm having problem with here.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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