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When we first got my GSD at 7 weeks he was inside for roughly 2 months, then I had to go to school and my brother turned out to be allergic, nobody at home could take care of him, luckily, we have a large kennel outside where I am able to lay down hay and place his toys. He's been there for roughly 10 months now.

Because he's outside I ensure he still gets time with us. He spends approxamitely 3 hours walking/playing time outside with us and going over basic commands

Every day he comes in for about 1-2 hours, during this time he has a chew-bone which he works hard at. He has areas which are restricted, the kitchen and all bathrooms. Although he understand that very well, he does go in there every now and then.

I do trust him not to go to the bathroom indoors as we always make sure that happens before he comes inside.

If he doesn't have a chew toy, he goes nuts. If I'm in my room and the door is closed he'll jump on the door; if we're in the living room he'll run around, or nip at someone (which he knows he shouldn't do) akd then excitedly bark and try and get us
To play with him.

I'm going to soon have my own basement apart from everyone else as was wondering what I can do to transfer him from outdoors to indoors.
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