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How to build a sandbox - (article with good simple instructions)

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I am so antsy to build a puppy playground in the back yard (if only our darned landscaper would finish the landscaping already) and saw a show, "Ask This Old House," where they showed how to build a sandbox.

I've been looking around for a sandbox to buy, but everything I've found is too little (meant for little bitty kids) or too expensive.

This show segment made me decide to build one myself! I Googled to see if this project was online, and found it here in case anyone wants to build one for their pups:

My puppies love digging so much, and they're good about staying out of places they shouldn't dig, but I really want to give them a "safe" spot for digging.

BTW - the other things in my puppy playground include:

- four logs, laid out so that they can hurdle-jump over them (they LOVE jumping)

- a ramp (plywood propped and secured to a large log) (they love running up and down things)

- an 18' agility tunnel (they love running through things)

- the sandbox (with some Kong-type toys that I will bury in the sandbox for them to dig up)

- maybe a few upright items they can run through/around (they think our front porch is a playground - they love chasing each other underneath/around the rocking chairs, but they're getting a little too big to fit underneath)

Any other ideas for fun stuff for the pups? I may include some other agility equipment (just for their enjoyment... I don't think I'll get them into formal agility competition or anything). The whole playground will be mulched (if I can find a pet-safe mulch).
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The problem with a pond is the cleaning of the filter (if you don't put it in it'll just be a skeeter breeding ground) and dog hair will probably clog it up more than it usually would.

Be sure to put some small hardy fish in the pond, many garden specialty stores sell them or in some places you ca nget them free from the county extension office. As far as the dog hair, be sure to get a pump with an external filter that is easier to clean.
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