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How to bond with your dog

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I got my dog about 4 months ago. I had to leave within the first 2 months of having her. (rehab) She stayed with my parents but now she docent really recognize me. How do I re bond with my dog and get her to be my dog instead of my parents?
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Dogs are normally quite flexible (some would say fickle) and opportunistic. If you are the one who feeds, cares for, walks, trains and plays with your dog, she will likely bond with you, though it may take some time and patience.
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If you live with your parents, it will be harder. But, if you live elsewhere, then if you are the primary care-taker, as RonE said above, for 2 - 4 mos, then she will adapt to you and bond to you in around 3 mos. Dogs want to understand and bond with their owners ... and I think it takes about 3 mos or so.
Hi! Make sure you are doing all the feeding. They recognize their caregiver as the alpha in their pact. It will take just a little while. I am pretty sure it is going to be okay :)
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