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ok so heres the situation i'm out to the pet stores with my sister(or mom) and our dogs when another person and their dog come around. this time the dogs all want to say hi to each other. normally my boy can say hi and maybe play a little with these dogs very well, but once his brother or my moms dog are involved he gets defensive toward the new dog. if the other dogs in my party are not right next to us he can greet the new dog just like any other time, but if any member of the dog half of our party come over to greet this new dog my boy freaks out which tends to get his brother going(my mom's older dog could care less at this point and just prays he doesn't get trampled).
this has only happened twice, and any opportunity for this to happen is now avoided. when it did happened i immediately removed him from the situation, and placed myself in front of him to block his view of the other dogs around us as i usually have to back him out of the situation. we generally go down another isle to get him calm again. at this point we are either on our way out or very close to it, so once he is calm he's pretty much out of the store.
my question is how do i teach him not to react like this when his canine family is around, and what is the most likely cause for this reaction? i want to be able to help him get over this if i can so it doesn't happen anymore. it always made me feel like i did something wrong when it happened, and if i did i want to correct myself to help him.
any help is greatly appreciated thanks.
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