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How often do you feed your dog?

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He is so cute and I always feed him more. I have bought a pet feeder to schedule the meal. How often do you feed your dog?
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We feed twice a day, once when we get up in the morning and once in the late afternoon/early evening. Puppies under about six months get an evening snack as well, and sometimes lunch, depending on what seems to work best for the individual in question. We often feed in stuffable food toys like the Kong or puzzle toys to slow our boys down and make meals more physically and mentally satisfying. If we know we have plans to do a lot of training in a day, we will feed smaller meals, but even on 'normal' days we are careful not to overfeed at meals so there's room for rewards, impromptu training sessions, or the occasional treat or edible chew without overdoing the calories.

Scheduling meals and having a set amount each time is also a super good idea because you'll know how much he's eating. Sometimes changes in eating habits are the first sign there's a medical issue going on, so it's smart to make sure you can keep track!
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