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How often do you feed your dog?

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He is so cute and I always feed him more. I have bought a pet feeder to schedule the meal. How often do you feed your dog?
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Our adult toy dogs eat 2x/day. First meal as soon as I get up in the morning so they have time to be outdoors and run before we go to work. Second meal is 5-6pm. Always measured and take any treats, training, increased activity into account.
We feed our 40# dog a cup and a half daily (Purina Pro Plan, vet recommended it), but we split it up over 6 feedings. She's used to that now.
Is it wrong or harmful to feed her like that instead of twice daily?
I don't eat six times per day. It would be too time consuming. I'm not home enough all day to find the time to feed a dog six times per day. I would feed an orphaned pup every few hours as needed, but an adult dog can wait for 6-8 hours between meals. There is nothing wrong or harmful, just time consuming. And what goes in must come out, so lots of potty breaks.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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