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How often do you feed your dog?

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He is so cute and I always feed him more. I have bought a pet feeder to schedule the meal. How often do you feed your dog?
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We feed our 40# dog a cup and a half daily (Purina Pro Plan, vet recommended it), but we split it up over 6 feedings. She's used to that now.
Is it wrong or harmful to feed her like that instead of twice daily?
I don't eat six times per day. It would be too time consuming. I'm not home enough all day to find the time to feed a dog six times per day. I would feed an orphaned pup every few hours as needed, but an adult dog can wait for 6-8 hours between meals. There is nothing wrong or harmful, just time consuming. And what goes in must come out, so lots of potty breaks.
She's good with the potty breaks. I'm home a lot so she's gotten used to these feeding times and we're very consistent. She kind of expects it now and seems to know the exact time too.
Just worried about how it would be if we had to leave her with someone for a couple days.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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