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How often do dogs use their tails to answer "yes" or "no"?

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When she was about 2, our 6-year-old puppy started using her tail to communicate "yes" or "no."

She barks to tell me something, and usually I know exactly what she wants from the type of bark... but in the instances I don't, she'll keep wagging her tail while I ask her various things "You want to go O-U-T?" "You want pumpkin?" "You want to call Daddy?" etc... if I've asked her about something she does NOT want, the tail will come to a freezing halt! Then when I ask her the right question, the wagging starts again (usually accompanied by a cute little bark).

We've always thought this was adorable and hadn't known of other dogs who do this. But now we have two 15-week puppies who are smart little devils. Their tails are always up and bouncy... I've only seen one of them with their tail down once (when Jackson was being harrassed by a dog in the dog park)... until today.

Dabney gave me a little bark while wagging his tail, and I asked him if he needed to go potty. His tail immediately stopped wagging and went DOWN! I was so charmed by this I had to give him kisses... and now I'm wondering if this is commonplace doggie behavior. I know the two dogs I've had in the past never did that.
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Dogs are quite clever in the ways they communicate what it is they want, and no two are the same. I've had mutts and purebreds over the years, and each and every one became very adept at communicating their needs to me - some more verbal than others, but most used body language, be it a little dance, a wiggle, a leap or a wagging tail.

I have 3 Standard Poodles, too. Two 7-nearly-8 yr. olds, and a 6-month old puppy. The girls (Maddy & Lucia) are quite independent, very gregarious, and more verbal than my male, Beau, who is more reserved and rather regal with the general public, but, my silly boy when home with me. He has the most soulful eyes, and he dotes on me. The girls are flirts, love men (be they canine or human), and are prone to tease (I often have to say "now" to get across that I'm not asking, I'm telling you!). Beau only has to be asked once, and he's on it. While this is great, I can't help but be enchanted by the girls; they don't call 'em bitches for nothin'! LOL

My grandson can't figure out how I know what they want - a drink, to go outside, a treat. Each and every one has their own little way of letting me know that the water bowl needs replenishing, they have to pee, they're hungry, or, there's a FLB outside, lemme out! LOL
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