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My girl, Ellie, ate a bone last week and it made her a little ill. She never got super sick - no vomiting or anything like that - but she was lackluster, wouldn't eat, and wouldn't drink.

So I took her to the vet and she's now on a few medicines to help her get over the bone incident. The next day, she had her energy back times 10, was eating up everything (which she hadn't done the whole time I'd had her because of the cough), and drinking like a fish.

She's on the "bland diet," boiled chicken and cottage cheese. I'm not really sure how much I should give her. I bought cans of chicken because it was easier, and each can is 10oz. I have been giving her 1/2 a can per feeding, mixed with an equal part of cottage cheese.

I think she could gain some weight - she's about 22 lbs. When I run my hands over her, I feel like I'm feeling too much of her spine, although the coverage on her ribs is OK. So should I be giving her more per feeding? She'll only be on the Bland Diet until Saturday, which brings me to Part II of this question:

Her regular food is Pedigree crunchies, mixed with Pedigree canned food. The serving size on the can says 1/2 can per 10 lbs. I was going to give her 1/2 cup of crunchies mixed with 1/2 can of wet food 2x/day. Is that too much for a dog her size?

Appreciate any help you can send my way! Sorry this was so long.
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