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how much rice and chicken?

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Dakota hasn't been eating her dog food much since training her with hot dogs so I thought I might add some chicken and rice to her kibble. What kind of rice is best? and how much of this should I mix in her dog food? She usually eats 3.5 cups of dog food a day [9 months old] any info would help:) right now I'm lucky if she's eating 1 cup of food
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None. Don't cater to her finickiness. Stop giving her treats until she learns how to eat on your terms.
Pretty big dog, seems like even if her metabolism is slowing down she should be eating mote than 1 cup.
Please don't do this. The vast majority of dogs get very little reinforcement from their regular kibble. Keep using your treats, but do NOT give in to any additions in her meals. Put the bowl down, give her 10 minutes. If it's not gone, she misses that meal. Period.
Working for food is a universally accepted enforcer. Keep them hungry and they will treat kibble like liver treats. I regularly use kibble for enforcing as do many positive trainers.

"Each morning, measure out your dog's daily ration of kibble and put it in a handy container. (If your dog puts on weight, measure out less kibble each day and exercise your dog more. If your dog loses weight, measure out more kibble each day.) Throughout each day, use some kibble as lures and rewards for training, and stuff the remainder in hollow chewtoys." From Ian Dunbar's site. Here is the link if you need proof.

Hate to break up the off-topicness, but I really am looking for the answer to this question. I need to feed Honey chicken and rice today because she's been throwing up. How much should she eat? She is a 33lb Beagle.
Usually you will want to start slow, so give her about 1/2 cup and see if she holds that down. After a few hours if she is doing well give her another 1/2 cup and see if she can hold that down. The idea is just to restart their system. If she is doing fine then I would just feed her as much as you would normally. So for me I usually give my dog the same amount as I do kibble in total.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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