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how much rice and chicken?

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Dakota hasn't been eating her dog food much since training her with hot dogs so I thought I might add some chicken and rice to her kibble. What kind of rice is best? and how much of this should I mix in her dog food? She usually eats 3.5 cups of dog food a day [9 months old] any info would help:) right now I'm lucky if she's eating 1 cup of food
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How about switching from hot dogs to Natural Balance Food Rolls for treating during training? It's much healthier nutritionally, and you can slice and dice it up into very small pieces, which is what you want for training treats. I've yet to meet a dog or cat who doesn't love it (don't call it doggie crack for nuthin'! LOL).

Some other things you can add to the kibble are low fat cottage cheese, in which you mix some fish oil (another favorite of every dog/cat I've fed this to), sweet potatoes, or sardines in olive oil.

I poach chicken breasts with garlic, then shred the meat with a fork while still warm. I often will then cook the rice in the broth from the chicken. I use brown rice, but, white rice is ok, too.
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