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how much rice and chicken?

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Dakota hasn't been eating her dog food much since training her with hot dogs so I thought I might add some chicken and rice to her kibble. What kind of rice is best? and how much of this should I mix in her dog food? She usually eats 3.5 cups of dog food a day [9 months old] any info would help:) right now I'm lucky if she's eating 1 cup of food
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hmm that's kind of hard when at training they use treats
she gets about 1 hot dog at training [no bun:)] I try to make them small pieces but she likes nibble the fingers too, the trainer suggests holding that one little piece for a bit but I think she's learning if she gets too greedy with my fingers too I say NO and don't proceed until she takes it nicer. I think you may be right though in her growth slowing down because when she was having a spurt she ate treats, dog food and anything!
she's a Bernese. She likes carrots some but likes to chew them up and spit them out
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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