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how much rice and chicken?

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Dakota hasn't been eating her dog food much since training her with hot dogs so I thought I might add some chicken and rice to her kibble. What kind of rice is best? and how much of this should I mix in her dog food? She usually eats 3.5 cups of dog food a day [9 months old] any info would help:) right now I'm lucky if she's eating 1 cup of food
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Use her kibble for treats.
Please don't do this. The vast majority of dogs get very little reinforcement from their regular kibble. Keep using your treats, but do NOT give in to any additions in her meals. Put the bowl down, give her 10 minutes. If it's not gone, she misses that meal. Period.

Dogs are built to be scavengers (or hunters if you so choose that theory, but it doesn't change the outcome), and therefore have body systems that are more than capable of going days and days without food with no adverse side effects. There are even alot of very trustworthy dog people out there that purposely fast their dogs once a week claiming health benefits from it.

She'll learn that she needs to eat her kibble. Now, if she goes for more than like 2-3 days without eating any kibble, I would bring in a stool sample to the vet and see if she has any GI problems. Alot of dogs when they are sick will stop eating their regular food but still snarf down treats.
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