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So, I'm new to the world of the Pugs. I love the breed but the only other dog I have been with is a Chihuahua. Seems my Toby is a high energy level pup, something quite unexpected for a pug.

I guess one of my questions is: is it just because he's a pup, or is he going to be a very energetic dog?

If so, I want to exercise him, but he's only 9 weeks old. I do obedience training and play whenever he's awake. I have started exercising him on a treadmill because it's kinda cold outside for about 10 minutes in intervals of 3 minutes. Whenever he starts panting I stop. It is a very light walk, like 0.8 miles/hour or something like that.

And another question is: If I need to exercise this 9 week pup to avoid destructive behaviors this early on, how long is it not detrimental to his health?


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