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I've been wondering about this all week... Since we've started working with training every other day (sometimes everyday, depends on how much homework I have that night) and doing some walking on her lead in the front yard, Molly's energy seems to have increased...

So, how much exercise should a 4.7lb, 9yr old Maltese be getting daily? (BTW- We're (read: I'm) working on house breaking her)

Daily her schedule is this:

6AM- Woken up, outside, crated, given 1st meal by 6AM
620AM-Any food left is picked up, potty break, crated again
Crated until I get home
130PM- Given 2nd meal
150 to 2PM- Food picked up, let out of crate, Potty break on leash out front until she wants back inside
2-6PM- Poss. 1 or 2 play sessions, potty breaks, some training, sits next to me while I do HW
6PM- Crated, Given 3rd meal
620-630PM- Food picked up, let out of crate, potty break,
630PM-10PM- Poss 1 or 2 play sessions, potty breaks, some training, lays next to me while I use laptop
10PM- Potty break, either crated, or comes to bed with me (She won't jump off my bed, and stays next to me, or on other pillow all night)

I'd give her a walk daily, but my neighborhood isn't the greatest, and I'm 17, so I can't carry pepper spray, or anything like that, and I don't have my license yet. My parents won't drive somewhere to take her for a walk either, they think I should just take her for a walk around the neighborhood, the very one I don't feel comfortable walking in... And Saturdays I take her with me to a local pet store to get snake food... And according to our vet, her knees felt great given her age, and he saw no problems with her walking, only thing that's wrong is her cateracts, which is in the very early stages

But, anything I can do inside with her for exercise would be great. She can swim, and we have a pool, I've never been sure about the chemicals and such for her to swim regularly for exercise.
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