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How much do your dog(s) love car rides?

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Nice day yesterday, so we decided to clean out the garage. As we started to load the truck, Cartman & Quinn zipped out the door past my hubby and into a small spot left in the truck. Cookies could not get them out. So, we closed the truck and went for a short car ride. Came home, and they jumped out. Spoiled rotten.

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Hehe, looks like they were all set to go!

Hunter gets car sick if he sits in a pilot seat of our van, but when he has the whole back row to himself, he LOVES looking out the window and takes the occasional nappy-doo.
How adorable? :D

They look like they were ready for a road trip! lol
haha that's adorable! They totally look like they are in a focused drive mode!
LOL!! Too cute. :p

Mine love car rides too, in fact I have to be careful not to carelessly throw the word "car" into sentences when I'm on the phone or have someone over talking about vehicles.
Many years ago when I was young and dumb, I left the side gate open to the backyard. My Dalmation found it in about 2.2 seconds and escaped. She was determined to run me all over the country...

I went home, jumped in the car, and drove down the side of the road. Stopped, opened the door and called her. She could not beat it fast enough to get in the car.
Too cute Maureen!

Oliver loves the car so much that one time when the Pizza delivery man came, Oliver shot out the door, ran past the man and went up to his car sat down wagging his tail like crazy and looking at the man like "c'mon, lets go....." The poor guy almost had a heart attack when He first saw the Rottie running toward him but calmed down when Oliver went past without even slowing down to smell the Pizza he was holding. lol
Thanks everyone. Adorable as it is- we really have to watch when we open the back of the truck when they are around - they just jump in. Pain in the butt sometimes. Especially Quinn - he won't get out. They have us trained very well.

Britishbandit: The word car ride is banned in our house too. They go nutz.

Inga, that is a funny story. I can just imagine the look on the guys face.
LOVE the photos... looks like they had nooooo intention of budging until they got their car ride! :D

Dixon is the same way... if the door to the garage and the car door are open at the same time, in she goes. She sits there politely and patiently with a big expectant smile on her face until she gets her car ride!
Those are really cute pictures!!! And your dogs are beautiful!!
Bella loves to ride in the car as well, but then again, she also goes everywhere that I go so how could she not love it? :) However, she does not like riding in my husbands jeep. She will get in if I am in there, but she lets me know that she would rather take the car :D! She is such a spoiled bratt!!
I love how they squeezed themselves in the corner trying not to be soon. Too cute! :D
Your dogs are beautiful! That is just too funny!
Bailey loves car rides also, as you can clearly see by the expression on her face...
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Absolutely adorable! I wish Tiberius would get in the car on his own...then I wouldn't have to lift his 60 lb butt up there. Tiberius hates car rides for the first 5 or 10 minutes, then he curls up in a ball and goes to sleep.
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