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How much can neutering calm a dog down?

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Hi, I have a 9 month-old mini poodle/sheepdog mix. I read online that mini poodles and sheepdogs just need 2 20-minute walks per day, and have an "off" switch inside the house. However, even after he plays for an hour, he still has lots of energy and wants to play (and will bark and nip if I won't indulge him). I really just want to spend 40 minutes per day on walking, and not more.

Also, the nipping is a bit of a problem. When I have guests over, he nips them, and it can be painful. I've tried saying "no" in a calm but forceful manner, and I've tried yipping like a puppy, but neither works. He's not aggressive or angry, he just doesn't seem to understand that he's hurting people that he loves.

The dog has a great personality, I just wonder if these things will improve in the next 2 years of his life. Also, he has neutering coming up, and I wonder if that could be a big help. What do you guys think? At this point, I'm inclined to give him to a trusted friend who leads a very active lifestyle. However, if you think there's potential once he gets neutered for this to be a lot more manageable, maybe I should keep him.
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It helps. I had very moody American Pitbull Terrier that looked like a Chihuahua when he was a baby and he was already food aggressive and territorial. If I was not mistaken he was probably taken out his litter because of his behavior. I remember a lady approaching my little sister and asking her if she wanted a Chihuahua puppy and my sister had barely said yes and like magic that lady was GONE, nowhere to be seen.My parents were upset. At the vet the doctor said he was no Chihuahua but a Pitbull terrier. He was quite aggressive with our other dog and he would growl even at us just by watching him eat. This was brought up to the vet who suggested early neutering. My boy (he became mine) always remained a bit moody, was never able to share food, or socialize with other dogs besides the one we had but he definitely did mellow down and became a sweetheart with me and family. He kept to himself and didn't attack dogs or barked at them he just didn't want them close.
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