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How much can I cook a bone before it's dangerous?

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I'm having a really hard time keeping weight on my 12 year old Pyr. She is very thin and has lost a ton of muscle, which I know goes along with age. But I feel like she's wasting away. Vet has cleared her, checked teeth, etc.

So anyways, she often refuses kibble and cans and I'm not going to tough love her when I need her to gain 10ish pounds ASAP. She eats raw meat already along with various cooked meats etc. But she will only eat raw meat if it is ground, she won't eat the bone. I am wanting to try searing the outside of a leg quarter to see if that will get her to eat it, and then hopefully eventually I wouldn't have to sear it anymore. But I'm not sure if that will be too much heat and thus make the bone brittle and dangerous. I don't think so? Anyone know or tried this before?

Ultimately I could keep her on ground meat and supplement calcium but for teeth cleaning purposes and also budget purposes, I'd like to get her eating some basic RMB.
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Searing the outside of a cold, fatty piece of meat is not really going to heat up the bone that is deep inside it at all. Part of why cooking bone-in chicken and turkey without overcooking the white meat can be a challenge. A pork chop where the bone touches the pan is different than a chicken thigh or quarter which has stuff around the bone.
Try sticking a meat thermometer in while you sear it and watch.

Another option though would be to debone the meat, cook it or sear it, and then substitute egg shells crushed up for the bone. Or, cook the bone into mush in an old crockpot in your garage or covered porch (cause it stinks).
Bones are good for dogs to chew on as it helps clean their teeth but has very little nutritional value, certainly won't help put weight on your dog. Meat is very high protein and what she needs is more carbohydrates to put weight on her.
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