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My dogs are all crate trained. Even though they do not spend much time in them, they all have a crate that they can go into when they want, left out at all times- mine are in the family room. I refer to them as their room. (LOL)
I also have 2 crates secured in my car for travel--since I take 2 my of dogs with me most places that I can.
It is easier to just leave the travel crates in the car instead of taking them in and out and having them secured in the car keeps the dogs from turning into little missles in case of an accident.
I also carry two soft sided crates in my trunk (they fold down to almost nothing- they look like a large briefcase when folded) in case we end up somewhere that I need them. I hardly ever do but they are good to have just in case. (I use Canine Campers,but there are a million different brands out there)
That probably seems crazy and like a lot of crates to have but I travel and my dogs like to go with me so it makes it very easy for me to be prepared for whatever situation I run into.
It might be different with just one dog- but since I take two with me I feel better having the crates with me.. you never know when you will need them...
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