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We got our new dog on Tuesday night, so far he's getting along pretty well with our other dogs... there's a bit of growling here and there but nothing bad. Obviously, it's only been two days, and I'm still keeping an eye on them... I haven't kept them apart at all, even at night, and we haven't left them alone at all, except maybe a few minutes in the backyward.

How long do you think is a reasonable amount of time before leaving the house? I'll probably gate the new dog in the den when I do (he doesn't show any interest in anything on the shelves or desk and is housebroken), but for some reason I'm still a bit nervous to leave the house for now (I don't really HAVE to until the kids go back to school on Wednesday).

I never worried with my second one because she was a puppy and I just crated her, and my other dog was already old so just left her alone anyway. I could crate the new one but I really don't think it's necessary.
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