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The length of time it takes to acclimate will depend a lot on the dog him/herself, basic temperament, and the life experiences the dog has had prior to coming to you.

Tooney hit it right on when he said that dogs thrive on structure and routine. It helps them feel secure, first and foremost.

You can learn a great deal right here on DF. I would encourage you to take your dog to a beginner's obedience class ASAP. You will learn, and, working with your dog will create and deepen your bond. When you learn to communicate with (understand) each other, all sorts of wonderful things happen!

Introduce your dog to a crate, and gradually get him used to being crated. Doing so will keep him/her safe, and will prevent damage to your personal property (and getting frustrated with, or upset with your dog, which can damage your relationship).

Keep us posted!
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