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We held off on a crate in case something doesn't work out and we need a different size for a different dog later on down the line.
Get it now, you can always return it or use the divider if you get the metal wire kind.

In all of the research my wife and I have done, we have found loads of information that contradicts other information we have found. We have asked friends for book recommendations and they have been pretty broad. Some recommend anything by Cesar Millan while others say to stay far away from his work. Some have recommended a book by The Monks of New Skete while others have recommended a book by Victoria Stilwell. The recommendations have my head spinning.
If you search for Cesar on here you will find lots of good links which explain why...basically most of us don't like him. The Monks of New Skete later said they were wrong about the things like alpha roll.

Karen Pryor's clicker training book helped me to begin with. Another good one is the idiot's guide to positive reinforcement. However, everything you'll need to get started can be found in the stickies in our training forum.
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